Jon Durant Collaborations

Colin Edwin

In addition to his 9 solo albums, Jon Durant has released three albums with his band / project Burnt Belief (with Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree).

Burnt Belief on Bandcamp

Durant was also featured on the Astarta / Edwin album which was released in 2016 and the group played festivals in Kiev and London. Durant, Colin Edwin and Astarta singer Inna Kovtun will have a new CD later in 2019 which will feature a completely unique and modern take on traditional Ukranian folk music, with a blend of progressive rock, ambient, and pop elements.

Colin and Jon first worked together on Jon’s album Dance of the Shadow Planets, along with percussionist Jerry Leake and violinst Caryn Lin.

Tony Levin

Legendary bassist Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Stick Men, etc…) played on 5 of Durant’s albums: Flood, Things Behind The Sun, Brief Light, Anatomy of a Wish, Silent Extinction Beyond the Zero.

Vinny Sabatino

Drummer / Percussionst Vinny Sabatino and Jon Durant have a lengthy working relationship dating back to the mid 1990s. Sabatino played on five of Jon’s solo albums (Flood, Things Behind The Sun, Brief Light, Anatomy of a Wish, Silent Extinction Beyond the Zero) and two Burnt Belief albums (Etymology and Emergent). In addition, Sabatino joined Burnt Belief for their live show which closed the inaugural Progtoberfest festival in Chicago.

Durant and Sabatino have also collaborated on recordings with Keyboardist Michael Whalen, singer Ray Greene, and guitarist Kingsley Durant (Jon’s brother).

Stephan Thelen

Guitarist / Composer Stephan Thelan (from the band Sonar) recently released a solo album “Fractal Guitar” on which his minimalist rock grooves were augmented with a host of original guitar voices. Durant’s cloud guitars were featured alongside David Torn and Marcus Reuter on the album’s opening track “Briefing for a Descent Into Hell”.

Stephan on Bandcamp

Michael Whalen

Keyboardist / Composer Michael Whalen and Durant have worked together on multiple projects since the late 1990s. Whalen played piano on Durant’s album Brief Light, meanwhile Jon guested on several of Whalen’s albums and film scores, including the PBS special, Shape of Life. Most recently, Durant appeared on the closing track of Whalen’s album “The Fire Brigade”, “Blues for You.”

Michael Whalen on Bandcamp