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JD News 2019 - Tue, 16 Apr 2019

April 2019

Well, 2019 has started out with a bang. First up is my new solo ambient guitar CD, Alternate Landscapes. Throughout the four extended compositions, the only instrument used is a guitar, though at no time is it obvious that a guitar is being played. The material includes some overt references to some of the music that inspired a young jd as a teenager in the 1970s, including Tangerine Dream and Fripp & Eno. The vision on “Alternate Landscapes” was one of extensive sonic vistas, taking time to unfold but deeply engaging throughout. At times lush and beautiful and other times dark and disturbing, the landscapes evolve slowly and evocatively. For those expecting “Parting Is 2”, fageddaboutit!.

Speaking of Parting Is, though: it’s been nominated for “Best Ambient Album” in the Zone Music Reporter Awards! This is quite a surprising honor for me. As you all know, I never make music to fit into a genre, indeed I’m utterly repulsed by the idea. As a result, my music becomes very hard to market, and has often struggled to find a home in the heavily formatted confines of radio. And, given the fact that there are distorted lead guitar bits all over it, it’s hard to think of it as strictly “ambient.” Given that, the response to Parting Is was quite overwhelming. I have radio reports indicating that every single track had airplay, though no one song was a “hit.” I think that means it’s a strong record?

Other records I’ve played on recently have seen the light of day in early 2019. Stephan Thelen’s amazing “Fractal Guitars” begins with a track that I’m on alongside David Torn and Marcus Reuter. My cloud guitar textures set the mood for the track “A briefing for a descent into hell.” Quite a thrill ride, to be sure! Stephan Thelen Fractal Guitar on Bandcamp

Then there’s Michael Whalen’s “Fire Brigade” on which I played on the lovely track “Blues For You” with some fantastic playing from Michael, Bob Magnuson, Vinny Colaiuta, and Michael League. My lead guitar gets the piece going, and my clouds are a primary texture throughout.

Drummer José Duque’s new fusion album “Jorodu” has my fretless guitar and my clouds featured on the track Ubi Umbri Vivit, and fantastic blend of world musics and jazz. Jorodu on Bandcamp

And, I’ve just recently produced the forthcoming album by my brother Kingsley Durant. The band is just fantastic: Steve Hunt on keyboards, Baron Browne on bass, and Vinny Sabatino on drums. More news on this will be coming soon.

Also coming soon, I’ll have details on some live dates in Euorpe. And the long awaited Edwin Durant Kovtun record will finally be landing later this year!