Jon Durant News

May 2019 - Mon, 20 May 2019

Alas, Parting Is did not win the ZMR award for best ambient album. But it was quite a surprise and an honor just to be nominated. And the rewards for time spent with some very cool people will resonate for a while!

Later this morning, I am off to Specialized Mastering to master the Edwin Durant Kovtun record. I am really excited to share this album with everyone. It's a remarkable combination of music, and Inna's voice is just remarkable. At times we rock out, other times we get psychedlic, and always it's utterly unique and mesmerizing.

Tracking for my brother Kingsley's record was amazing. Mixing is slated for July, and this record is sure to turn a lot of heads! Steve Hunt, Baron Browne, and Vinny Sabatino absolutely slay it'funky like you cannot believe!

In June I will be heading to Tallinn, Estonia, to record and play live with the amazing guitarist Robert Jürjendal. We've been sending files back and forth, with some fantastic starting points. But when we get together in the same room, I’m sure the pies will take on a whole new life!

And before that, I'll be heading to London to see King Crimson at the Royal Albert Hall. After that show, I'll be in London for a few days, and Michael Bearpark and I are trying to find an opportunity to explore some music together. More as I know it!