Jon Durant News

October 2019 - Mon, 07 Oct 2019

It's October, and that means the air is changing, leaves are changing, and new music is emerging. Coming out at the end of the month is the long awaited Colin Edwin Jon Durant Inna Kovtun album. I'm incredibly proud of this album--it's a radical shift from everything I've been doing in the last couple years, but one that I hope will be welcomed. For starters, it rocks. Hard, in places. But it's also very beautiful in places. Sometimes in the same track. 

As a guitarist, I'm particularly happy with what I've done on this album. Alongside some of my most experimental guitar is some of the most normal guitar playing I've ever done. (There's even some strummed chords on acoustic guitar!) A couple ripping solos happened too, but a lot of the time I hope people will listen and occasionally think, "wait, that's guitar???"

More news: the duo album with Robert Jürjendal is coming along nicely. We've added some wonderful bass from Colin Edwin and trumpet from Aleksei Saks, and Inna Kovtun's voice has also made an appearance. Hoping to have the album ready for release in spring of 2020. 

Also, I've been adding some guitar to some very cool tracks from Radoslav Chrzan. More about this one as I know it!